Certificate Course Guideline

A journey of Japanese tea education.
NAJTIA is honored to provide you with the first and most comprehensive online educational course on the rich and ancient history of Japanese tea. Feel more connected to every sip by learning how the beautiful ritual of Japanese tea came to be as we know it today.

We currently offer 1 premier course program.


NAJTIA Certificate Course (Online) $198 USD

The Bamboo Certificate course is our most popular and a great place to start for most people.

The curriculum is perfect if you want to develop a deep foundation and varied knowledge of different types of Japanese green teas. Here you will be trained in all aspects of the history of tea and the art of brewing, as well as the intricate nuances that each Japanese tea so delicately presents.

  • Online Education Course about Japanese Tea
  • 9 chapters each completed with an online quiz
  • Receive NAJTIA Bamboo Certificate after completion
  • Annual membership fee included
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