Maintaining our health is paramount and there is an increasing general awareness of the health benefits of green teas. NAJTIA aims to deepen that understanding so that one can better discern high quality teas, prepare teas in accordance with the type of tea chosen and strengthen knowledge of where to source quality green teas.


The Japanese Tea Instructor Association found in 1998 has been active in the proliferation of Japanese Tea education.

Today, as the North American Japanese Tea Instructors Association (NAJTIA) we are a not-for-profit association representing the Japanese Tea industry and the traditions around Japanese Tea in North America.


We act on behalf of the Japanese Tea Association of Japan where they represent the Producing Organizations, Growers, Importers, Packers, Allied Trade, and Retailers to promote tea.

Our mission is to provide an effective leadership on behalf of all members in the areas of education, advocacy, and information in order to ensure the growth and viability of the Japanese Tea industry. We aim to be the leading authority and industry voice on all subjects related to Japanese Tea in North America.


NAJTIA strives in every endeavour to meet the following objectives:

Through communication – the promotion of Japanese Tea and promote the benefits of drinking tea.

Through education – serve as the top source of information and education about Japanese tea and offering a recognized “Japanese Tea Instructors” certification program.