Improve your immune system with ice cold brewed green tea

Summer is here along with some hot weather.
At this time of year, the warm weather may reduce your appetite and sleep due to the heat.
Do you have trouble sleeping at night or feel tired during the day because of the higher temperatures outside?
Without adequate sleep and food, your immune system gets weaker and increases your risk of getting a summer cold.
So, how can you make your immune system stronger?
Have a glass of ice cold brewed green tea!

You may be worried that the caffeine in green tea will keep you awake at night!!

You May not know that hot green tea will keep you awake, but cold green tea made with ice will not!! Green tea does contain caffeine, but it is extracted at temperatures over 80 degrees! That means that if you make green tea with iced cold water, it will not extract much sleep-disturbing caffeine.

Moreover, catechins which are responsible for the bitterness and astringency of tea are not extracted with ice cold water, but L-theanine (amino acid) which provides umami and sweetness tastes in tea is still extracted with ice cold water. That’s why; iced cold brewed green tea tastes sweeter and less bitter. Surprisingly, the umami flavor is increased 1.5 times!!

Another great thing about iced cold brewed green tea is that the L-theanine provides a component that relaxes the mind.

Wait! Isn’t catechins in tea getting all the attention for health benefits! So, then, iced cold brewed green tea doesn’t have any other health benefits?

Not to worry!! Green tea brewed with ice cold water does not have heat-extracted catechins, but one type of catechin called EGC (epigallocatechin) is extracted with cold water. EGC helps the body detect and alert the immune system about outside invaders.

That’s why drinking ice cold brewed green tea makes your immune system stronger and prevents the summer cold. Also, iced cold brewed green tea doesn’t contain much caffeine to disturb sleep and the L-theanine component relaxes your mind!!

Ice cold brewed green tea makes your immune system stronger and provides a sweeter and less bitter taste! Also, ice cold brewed green tea contains much less caffeine than hot tea, therefore it is safer for children.

Enjoy the summer and green tea as both a hot and cold healthy drink of choice.